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Find answers to frequently answered questions below.

 1. I own a home in a residential area, what can I do to control mosquitos in my area?

Please see the following link to the American Mosquito Control Association website, at www.mosquito.org in which you will find informative articles, suggestions, and a FAQ page.

2. I am looking for London Fog outerwear and related goods, are you the same company?

No. London Foggers, Inc. has no affiliation with London Fog Industries, Inc.

3. My London Foggers handheld unit has stopped, what is the problem?

The Colt, or Eliminator lines from London Foggers Inc. cary Tecumseh 2 cycle engines. These engines require a 24:1 Gas to Oil ratio to properly lubricate the engine while running. It has happened in the past that end users have bypassed referring to the operators manuel before use, and accidently used gasoline only. The engine will run for 30-40 seconds before permanently ceasing if the proper mixture of oil and gas is not used. Please consult the operators manual before using any new London Foggers machine.

4. How do I set up my new machine for initial use?

Every machine is different, and all have different setup procedures. It is very important to consult the operators manual before use to ensure each machine is set up safely and properly. Every London Foggers machine comes with its own operators manual.

5. How many ounces of spray should I be spraying out of my London Foggers machine?

Each machine and each geographic region is different. There is no simple answer for this question, but it a question we hear often. Each machine operates at different revolutions per minute (RPM), and pressure levels. Chemical mixtures also are an important factor in this decision, as well as accuracy, wind and weather conditions. There is no simple answer for this question, but please do not hesitate to call London Foggers with any questions about mixture type or spray types.

6. What flow rate (output) or ounces per minute should be used with a London Fogger?

This varies depending on the size of fogger selected. A large fogger is capable or creating proper micron size particles at greater flow rate than smaller foggers.

Generally, the flow rate or output


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