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The XKD heavy-duty diesel power engine is a ULV cold fogger and offers rock-solid dependability. This machine has been a performer in our line for years. It has proven to be extremely popular with users who need diesel power. Users like its simplicity-nearly everyone can operate it without special training and repairs are done with ease. It is a workhorse that dispenses micron-sized droplets at flow rates up to 18 ounces per minute. And it provides industry and government agencies with large area coverage at a modest price.

The newest technclogy for use with ULV foggers utilizes G.P.S. for Speed Compensation Flow Control of insecticide. The Models 18-20 and Model 9-10 are available with these advancements, including monitoring and recording of adulticide applications and tracking of vehicles. For additional information, please call.

The XKD is powered with a Diesel engine for use in applications where diesel fuel may be more readily available than conventional gasoline.   The XKD has been tested and approved by the U.S. Military.  FEDERAL STOCK NUMBER 374-01-525-7453

Specifications and Additional Information

  1. Separate formulation pump.
  2. Spray nozzle.
  3. 15 gallon formulation tank.
  4. 8.5 hp Kohler OHV Command engine.
  5. Dual belt driven air compressor.
  • Spare parts kit, domestic or export

Special Features:
  • Electrically controlled, all-metal spray nozzle has a 12V shut-off valve. One switch on the remote cab controls activates both the formulation pump and the fog on/off solenoid valve.
  • Belt driven air compressor. Dual belt drive offers reliability, simplicity and minimizes vibration because it is not a direct drive system.
  • Separate formulation pump. This pump is not connected to the engine’s drive. It is driven by a separate electric motor so it can be calibrated for optimum flow rate.
Model: XKE Large Area Coverage ULV
Engine: Kohler Command 8.5HP OHV Engine w/ Electric Start
Air Compressor: 4 cylinders, positive displacement
Formulation Pump: Electric, positive displacement, adjustable output
Formulation Output: 0 to 18 ounces (.53 litres) per minute
Particle Size:
At 4 oz’s per minute 90% of dropplets are less than 20 microns in diameter
Formulation Tank: 15 gallons (56.7 liters), corrosion resistant polyethylene
Nozzle: All metal, 360 degrees swivel with solenoid shut off
Length: 38 inches (97 cm)
Width: 33 inches (84 cm)
Height: 31 inches (79 cm)
Weight: 280 pounds (127 kg)

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