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M. A. G., a ULV fogger, is the ideal fogger to control insects and mosquitoes in a medium-sized indoor or outdoor area. This compact, light weight model is ideal for small communities with a limited budget.

Specifications and Additional Information

Special Features:
  • Siphon nozzle with 4 orifice disks included.
  • All metal, wear-resistant nozzle creates the best particle size. 80% of particles are less than 20 microns in diameter at recommended flow rates.
  • Sonic jet air blast provides the best chemical dispersion. A super high velocity, turbulent air stream disperses the aerosol throughout the target area
  • Optional Remote Spray On/Off
  • M. A. G. can be wheel or skid mounted for use indoors or outdoors on all-terrain vehicles, golf carts or trucks.

Model: M.A.G. (Medium Area Generator)
Engine: Kohler 7.0HP - 270 CC
Fuel Tank : 1 gallon (4.1L) (4.3 Qt) gasoline
Compressor: 2 cylinder, single stage, heavy duty cast iron
Operating Pressure: 90 to 100 PSI
Formulation Output: 0 to 6 ounces (0 to 178 ml) per minute
Particle Size: 80% less than 20 microns
Formulation Tank: 2 gallons (7.6L) Optional 2.5 gallon jug holder
Nozzle: Single directional nozzle on swivel
Length: 28” (71.1 cm)
Width: 18 inches (45.7 cm)
Height: 21” (53.3 cm)
Weight: 112.8 lbs (51 kg)

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