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Parts for Model 18-20 Command

Replacement parts for all London Fogger models can be ordered by phone, fax, email, or regular mail from anywhere in the world!

It is helpful if you have the model number, serial number and part number. If none of the above is known, please provide a description of both the fogger, part, and the approximate age of your fogger.

Shipment in the U. S. can be any method. Shipment internationally is normally FEDEX or UPS, please specify. Our goal is to ship replacement parts SAME DAY of receipt of order. Payment is normally via credit card or with Letters of Credit or wire transfer if international. Parts Kits are available for both ONE or TWO years spares.

Replacement parts are available directly from the factory for:

Thermal Foggers:

  • Model Elminator
  • F250
  • F 500-E

ULV Foggers:

  • 18-20 Magnum-Kohler - 18HP Twin Cylinder opposed (without overhead valves) manufactured before 1999.
  • XKE and XKPD
  • M.A.G.
  • Colt
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Parts for Model 18-20 Command
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