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Model F 500-E
The Model F 500-E is a truck or trailer mounted thermal fogger that created a dry and effective thermal fog.

Thermal Foggers have been used for decades for mosquito control. All Thermal Foggers manufactured by London Fog use the exclusive two stage, turbo rotor system to convert oil base liquids into very dense, dry thermal fog.

The Eliminator (portable) thermal fogger uses a 2 cycle engine which requires a gas/oil mixture.

Models F500E and F250 use internal combustion gasoline engines (4 cycle).

Oil base insecticides generally contain a lower level of active ingredients with a larger percentage of diluent such as kerosene or diesel. Formulation output is usually expressed in gallons or liters per hour and is significantly greater then ULV foggers.

Thermal foggers produce a very dense and visible fog which is often preferable to penetrate areas with dense vegetation.

Thermal foggers are commonly used to generate a "smoke screen" sometimes desired for theatrics or movie production.

All London Foggers Thermal Foggers will meet or exceed label requirements for application of insecticides to control mosquitoes, if label requirements are adhered to and the fogger is adequately maintained.

Model Fog Type Powered By Size Tank (forumualtion) Output (formulation)
Eliminator Thermal Fog Gas 2 cycle Hand-held 1.5 gallons 5-6 gal./hr.
Model F 250 Thermal Fog Gas 4 cycle Truck or Trailer
* See Options 20-25 gal./hr.
Model F 500-E Thermal Fog Gas 4 cycle Truck or Trailer
* See Options 30-35 gal./hr.
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