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The model 20-20’s original footprint was first manufactured in 1990 and has been the world’s standard for high output ULV aerosol generation. The designation originated because this new model utilizes a Honda GX630 21 HP engine, which enables the application of insecticides over vehicle speeds up to and beyond 20 miles per hour. The 20-20 produces the correct particle size to meet ULV standards of 80% of droplets to be under 20 Microns. Meets all insecticide label requirements at vehicle speeds of up to 23 miles per hour.

Model 20-20 surpasses all other foggers for four important reasons. First, a next generation overhead V- twin cylinder Honda engine with throttle down feature-producing fewer emission, consuming less fuel and is more environmentally friendly. Second, our Triple V belt drive feature reduces blower RPM by more than 25%. This design extends the blower life and creates a quitter operation. Upgraded high performance air filtration preserves the life of the engine and finally an EPA certified fuel system helps the environment.

A proven technology for use with ULV foggers utilizing GPS/flow control of insecticide output. The 20-20, 18-20 and 9-10 models are available with this advancement as an option. Plug and play ready for many Geotracking software applications.


Honda 21HP Overhead Valve, V-twin cylinder, electronic start, choke, flush and spray features.
Formulation Pump
12 Volt DC adjustable output, positive displacement, 0-20 oz./min
Formulation Tank
15 gallon (56 liters), corrosion resistant
Particle Size
80% of droplets-less then 20 microns
Fuel Tank
6.0-gallon (22.7 liters) EPA certified with charcoal filter system.
Flush Tank
1 1/2 quart (1.42 liter) corrosion resistant
Rotary, positive displacement, up to 356 CFM
505 lbs. (229.06 kg)
42” (107 cm)
48” (122 cm)
Height43” (109 cm)